I’m not actually really leaving I guess, I’ll always really love emblem3 bc of how much they impacted me and yeah I’ll tweet about them sometimes but its just hard to blog about them when nothing is really happening. It’s even harder when the one from the band that changed you the most left.

HAILLE i didn't know you left i haven't talked to you in forever how are you?!

I just kinda decided to, I hadn’t really been active on my blog lately anyways. I’m okay I guess. How are you? I’ve missed you a lot.


i’m so fucking upset i would give anything to have this fandom back to when drew was still in the band everything is fucked and dead and it all just makes me sad to think about i hate feeling like this :-(

this is exactly how i feel

hey friends i’m just not really interested in emblem3 right now so i’m just going to leave for a week or maybe more but you can still keep in contact with me here

fandom twitter: twitter.com/lateniteluke

personal twitter: twitter.com/cxriously

instagram: instagram.com/cxriously


Ur a tru 90s kid if you remember when emblem3 actually had a fandom

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i dont like keaton all muscular and looking older n shit it makes me feel like i have even less of a chance with him i want awkward cat keaton back thnx

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